A little bit about me…

Born and raised in France within a Portuguese family, I have always been fascinated with languages and different cultures. That’s probably why I have a BA in English and Spanish and also why I studied for a while in Birmingham (UK) and Vancouver (Canada) before settling in London! So yes, you got me, I love to travel and I love an adventure. I also LOVE food but that’s probably off topic? Right. Let’s dive into acting then! I trained in Paris and Vancouver, always trying to pick up on new things along the way and I love to work in front of a camera as much as behind a mic (be it in my home studio or in a studio).

My latest VO work includes voicing Bradamante in Simure Vikings (RPG app) as well as working with Adobe and Smile Direct Club! So if you feel like I could be a good match for your project – may it be film, TV or VO, shoot me a message on the Contact page!